About Accountancy Association

Formed and inaugurated in 2022, the Accountancy Association aims at inculcating professional values and technical skills in the field of Accountancy. This is an effort to promote various dimensions of accounting and finance apart from the curriculum and helping students realize the wide horizon of accounts and finance. By undertaking various activities which include guest lectures, seminars, workshops, certified courses and study visits the association attempts to make an effort to impart practical knowledge and skills in the students who have an inquisitive approach towards this subject. The association contributes meaningfully to the training of aspiring Chartered Accountants in India. It also encourages newcomers to expand their field of knowledge. Hence it is a platform to explore the inner potentials as well as increase one's practical knowledge in the field of accounts.


  • To disseminate practical knowledge and resources essential for intellectual and professional development of the members and students.
  • To build skills and networks amongst the members and students.
  • To encourage the members and students to adhere to the ethical standards and professional integrity.
  • To build a learning-oriented environment where insightful and thought provoking discussions are encouraged.
  • To provide updates and understand the latest advancements associated with finance and accounting.
  • To provide educational resources in the form of guest lectures, seminars, workshops and study visits to members and students interested in the field of accountancy.

Commitee Members

SUO Aryan Bhalerao

CA Ketaki Ketkar


JUO Chaitanya Raut

Dr. Rahul Jagtap

JUO Chaitanya Raut

Mr. Mayur Shelke

JUO Chaitanya Raut

Mr. Haresh Parpiani

JUO Chaitanya Raut

Ms. Payal Parmar


Along with the Committee Members, the Accountancy Association boasts a band of Students that build the Team that is responsible for the conceptualization of the events. These students are the ones responsible for this Association being born and coming together. Let's take a look at the Team of the Accountancy Association-

  1. Admin and Organizing

    This department looks after the planning and execution of the events conducted by the association.

  2. Management and Hospitality

    This department deals with handling the events and catering to the guests.

  3. Technicals/IT/Photography

    This department looks after the technical aspect of the events, the social media handles as well as capturing those moments during the event.

  4. Public Relations and Promotions

    This department looks after making the events known to you and handling your queries and suggestions.