Examination Structure

  • As part of its aspiration to develop into an institution that exhibits “QUALITY”
  • Both in teaching and examination systems, the Examination Cell of K J Somaiya College of Arts and Commerce (Autonomous College) strives to formulate and implement an evaluation system which is transparent and student friendly.
  • The main emphasis is to assess the knowledge gained by a student and motivate him/her to improve upon it.
  • Instilling confidence amongst students about the assessment system and timely declaration of results is essential. Continuous evaluation of students’ performance has become norm of the day. This process aims at measuring the degree of knowledge assimilated by the students during a course of study without bringing excess pressure.

A Winning Effort Begins With Preparation

A Step Towards Facilitation

As part of its aspiration to develop into an institution that exhibits “QUALITY”

Don't Tell People Your Plans. Show Them Your Results

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An Investment in Knowledge Always Pays The Best Interest

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  • Dr (Smt) Veena Sanekar


  • Sonal Jambhekar


  • Udayraj Tambe


  • Mahesh Dravid


  • Dr Vijayshree P


  • Abhijit Deshpande


  • Rajesh K


  • Controller of Examinations

    University Representative

  • Dr A. P. Mahajan

    Evaluation Expert

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  • Exam Cell of the college is located on the ground floor, adjacent to Ladies Common Room.
  • Enquiry regarding exam related matters is dealt on the counter number 7.
  • Monday to Friday 10.00 am to 12.00 noon.

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