Kautaliya Arthasastra (Ancient Indian theory of administration) |

In consonance with the spirit of New Educational Policy 2020, Somaiya Vidyavihar University announces an interdisciplinary course in Indian Knowledge Systems. This course is related to a theory of administration in Indian Knowledge Systems. Cāṇakya (चाणक्य) who is also known as Viṣṇugupta and Kauṭalya (popularly as Kauṭilya) has been regarded as a prominent administrative thinker. The treatise titled ‘Kauṭalīya Arthaśāstra’ attributed to him is regarded as an important Sanskrit text in Indian knowledge Systems.

This course involves reading and understanding the selected part of original Sanskrit text of ‘Kauṭalīya Arthaśāstra’. The extracts from this text will be explained word to word with annotations wherever required. It also aims to decode the text from the point of view of contemporary theories of Administration and management through discussions and deliberations.



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Key Information

Learning Objectives

  • To introduce students to the terms and methodology of Ancient Indian Administrative Science
  • To facilitate students to gain the ability to read and understand a Sanskrit śāstra text.
  • To encourage collaborative learning and decoding a text in Ancient Indian Knowledge Systems with a pragmatic point of view.

Learning Outcomes

  • The participant will be able to read and understand the Sanskrit text.
  • The participant will get familiar with the methodology of Ancient Indian Administrative Science
  • The participant will develop a perspective to study the Sanskrit texts related to administration


Dr Prasad Bhide who works as an Assistant Professor with K. J. Somaiya College of Arts & Commerce. He has completed his PhD research in Sanskrit Lexicography from I. I. T. Bombay and has been teaching Kauṭalīya Arthaśāstra since past twelve years.

Medium of lecture delivery - Primarily English and Sanskrit with code switching to Hindi &Marathi

Duration - 36 clock hours (Adjusted with lectures of 90 minutes duration=24 sessions) / 8 weeks


Course Start Date :28th September 2020

Lecture Schedule : Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Time : 8.30 AM - 10.00 AM

For Queries Contact: Priyank Gala +91 9167840148


Unit 1 - Background Unit 2 - Selected part of the text: ‘Kauṭalīya Arthaśāstra’.
A] Cāṇakya - A historical perspective Section I
The oral tradition Chapter 2 - विद्यासमुद्देश
Views about the date and place of Cāṇakya Chapter 3 - त्रयीस्थापना
B] Arthaśāstra as an Ancient Indian Knowledge System Chapter 4 - वार्त्तादण्डनीतिस्थापना
Definition of the term Arthaśāstra Chapter 7 - राजर्षिवृत्तम्
Relation of Arthaśāstra with scriptures Chapter 8 - अमात्योत्पत्तिः
Correlating Arthaśāstra and Contemporary Administration & Management Chapter 11 -गुढपुरुषोत्पातिः - संस्था
C] Methodology of Ancient Indian Administrative Theory Chapter 12 - गुढपुरुषोत्पातिः - सञ्चारः
Form of the text Section VI
Methodology of description Chapter 1 - प्रकृतिसम्पदः (राज्यस्य अङ्गानि)
Classification of contents Chapter 2 - राजमण्डलम् (राज्यस्य अङ्गानि)
  Section VII
  Chapter 1 - षाड्गुण्यम् (परराष्ट्रनीतिः)