Certificate Course in History through experiential learning

The course involves collaborative learning of history through real life experience. The participants work on the diverse themes. It is project-based learning programme. It combines experience and learning. The course is conducted in collaboration with Somaiya Centre for Experiential Learning.

Eligibility: Undergraduate and Post Graduate students

Admission : First Come First Serve Basis

Duration : 30 hours

Credits : 2

Medium of Lecture Delivery : English, Hindi, Marathi

Course Co-ordinators :

  • Dr. Hemali Sanghavi , Head Department of History
  • Dr. Gaurav Gadgil Faculty, Department of History

Course Facilitator : Dr. Aashutosh Mule, Somaiya Centre for Experiential learning. Aashutosh Mule currently works as a Senior Programme Manager at Somaiya Centre for Experiential Learning (SCEL).

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Key Information


The course opens the boundaries of knowledge beyond documents. It is useful for taking up research project.

Learning Objectives

  • To introduce students to the experiential methodology of History
  • To facilitate students to gain the ability to understand history through experience.
  • To encourage collaborative learning.

Learning Outcome

After successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • The participant will be able to understand history through experience.
  • The participant will get familiar with the methodology of history.
  • The participant will develop a perspective to study history and culture through experience.



The course will explore various themes through experiential learning. The themes include food, textile, metal industry and regional history.