About GSM

The Gujarati Sahitya Mandal was established in 1960 with the goal of promoting Gujarati culture and literature to both Gujarati and non-Gujarati students. We encourage students to learn different language skills by organizing workshops, guest lectures, days of celebration, seminars, events, competitions, field trips, and movie screenings, all of which help them develop their overall personality.

Also, provide students with the opportunity and platform to showcase their talent and skills in performing arts, literary arts, and fine arts. We have a rich tradition of Faculties, from Jyotindra Dave to Deepak Mehta, whose contributions to Gujarati Literature continue to this day. In order to cater to the various needs, interests, and aptitudes of the students, it is critical that the College provide a wide range of activities in Gujarati. These activities are critical for the students' overall development.

Gujarati Sahitya Mandal also organizes debates, discussions, and literary activities to encourage students' social interaction. Under the auspices of various literary organizations. A large number of students are also encouraged to improve their debating and speaking skills. There is also room for students to expand their vocabulary and improve their oral and written communication skills. They also hold seminars for students to broaden their knowledge of Gujarati literature. Encourage Gujarati organizations and writers to promote the development of Gujarati languages. Encourage the study of Gujarati folk literature. We also take students to libraries to learn about Gujarati literature, as well as recognize and assist literary societies, Publication of literary criticism in various forms.

We also try to organize various competitions and webinars for students, particularly on the birthdays of well-known Gujarati authors Gujarati Sahitya Mandal also holds national-level competitions. Every year, we also publish a handwritten book by a student in Gujarati literature.


  • To develop the overall personality of students through various language skills.
  • To make students aware of the culture of Gujarat State.
  • To provide opportunity & platform to show their skills in performing art & also in literary work as well as fine arts.
  • To promote Gujarati culture & literature and encourage Gujarati & non-Gujarati students to participate in the program.


Teachers Committee


Dr. Hitesh Pandya

HOD, Chair person


Dr. Preeti Dave

Vice Chair


Mr. Sagar Chotaliya


Student Committee for the year 2022-23

Miss Bhakti Bhanushali


Miss Trisha Nanda


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