About Drushti Film Forum

Drushti Film Forum (popularly known as DFF) is a Film Society of K. J. Somaiya College of Arts and Commerce. Film Society is an association, a platform of screening, discussing, and understanding Meaningful Cinema from all over the world with academic approach and passionate viewing.

Originally conceived in July 2006 DFF started exposing our students to world of cinema and cinemas of the world since then. DFF was formally inaugurated on 8th August 2007, in presence of documentary filmmaker and actress Suhasini Mule. Further revised in 2013, so far, it has screened more than 180 films across countries, languages, and themes.

We screen and discuss films purely with an academic approach at Kalidas Sabhagruha / Conference Room of K. J. Somaiya College of Arts and Commerce on one particular weekday (currently every Monday) except exam and vacation period.


  • Exposure to World Cinema

    Merely Hollywood films does not constitute the World Cinema. It is much more beyond that. Films from across the globe, such as cinema from European countries, African countries, from Arab World, from Asian countries, from Latin America -with different languages and cultures across the world, are screened to give a wide exposure of cinema to students.

  • Exposure to Indian Cinema

    Indian Cinema is not a one cinema. There are so many Indian cinemas. There is a wide range of Indian Cinemas, such as, Bollywood Cinema (Hindi Popular Commercial Cinema), Independent or Parallel Cinema, Mid-stream Cinema, Regional cinema (Bengali, Asamese, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Kashmiri, Oriya etc..) and crossover cinema.

  • Exposure to films from different genres and unconventional subject content

  • Understand Film as a technological, commercial and aesthetic medium and develop a broadly interdisciplinary approach to an understanding of film.

  • To introduce the Art and Aesthetics of cinema.

  • To develop a larger world view and cross-cultural understanding through Cinema.

  • To develop an Academic approach towards cinema ranging the variety of subjects from the discipline called Film Studies, such as Film as an Art Form, Film appreciation, Film and Society, Film as an entertainment, Film and other Art forms, Film and Psychology, film and Philosophy, National Cinema, Global Cinema, Film Audience, Male Gaze in Cinema, Feminist approach in film studies etc.

Committee Members

Teachers Committee:

Mamata Tendulkar

Coordinator, Department of Environmental Studies

Abhijit Deshpande

Advisor, Department of Marathi

Students Committee:

Manan Aron

Coordinator, TYBA-Economics

Aqsa Khan

Member, M.A. Part 1-English


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