Bachelor of Arts | B.A.

Our college has been offering the traditional three years Bachelor of Arts programme (B.A) from the time of its inception. This programme has been a popular, traditional choice for many students as it offered a variety of social science subjects (viz Psychology, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology and History) and languages (viz. English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Sanskrit) for study.

In its contemporariness, the B.A course in K J Somaiya College of Arts and Commerce in its Autonomous Status, has been fulfilling the basic requirements of employment industries like Print and Audio-Visual Media, Creative Arts, Performing Arts, Social Media, Management in Corporate and Banking Sectors, Mental Health Professionals, Library Sciences, Academia, Research and Higher Education, Public Service in State and Central Governments, Free-lancing in Journalism and in Entrepreneurship. Over the years, it has emerged as a very informed choice for students for its flexibility in choice of subjects and the combination of subjects offered at the Final year for specialization. With diversity in students admitted, subjects and languages offered, methodologies and pedagogies of teaching-learning, the six semesters of B.A course is a widely- accepted  course, fulfilling unique need of every student. 

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Key Information


Lectures take place in constructive framework of learning. Besides that at a department we organise Guest lectures, Workshops, Seminars, Group discussion, Field Trip, etc. We screen movies and drama. We celebrate Birth Dates of various authors and poets, by organising some activities as a tribute to them (if they are no more) by organising various activities on different days, such as interview of literary personalities, performance of dramas and skits, etc.

Programme Outcomes

  • The programme enables the learners understand of art, literature and humanities.
  • It facilitates all round development of personality.
  • The course helps the development of rational thinking amongst students while taking decisions in their day to day life
  • Through the course, the student will be able to imbibe ethical, moral, national, patriotic and cultural values.
  • The programme provides holistic understanding of society, economy and political system.
  • The learners will be able to acquire employable skills.
  • The programme provides formative understanding of research process.
  • It creates interdisciplinary approach among the students.

Programme Requirements

First Year

Second Year

  • Foundation Course Paper - II + 1 Applied Component subject (journalism/book keeping/Mass Communication)
  • Group I - 2 papers in Arts Subject, 2 papers in additional Arts subject and 2 papers in Language
  • OR
  • Group II - 2 papers in Language, 2 papers in additional Language and 2 papers in Arts subject

Third Year

  • 6 papers in one subject OR 3 papers each in 2 subjects chosen at the first and second year.


After successful completion of the course, student can opt for further education like MA, B.ED (Bachler of Education). Students can prepare for UPSC & IPSC exams.

After completing this course, candidates can opt for / choose any of the professions from the following:

  • Teacher / Instructor
  • Journalist / Editor
  • R J ( Radio Jockey)
  • Anchor
  • Translator / Proof Reader
  • Theatre / Movie / TV Serial Artist
  • Script writer / Critic Speech Writer
  • News Reader


  • Well qualified faculty. Skill and Career oriented approach.
  • Program is aimed to build the potential learner for employment in Teaching, Media and Corporate world.
  • Personal Interview with well-known authors and poets.
  • Organising seminar and workshop based on syllabus and literature.
  • Field Trip and Educational Visit to give practical knowledge.
  • Guest Lecture, Guidance Lectures for professional exams like UPSC, MPSC, UGC-JRF-NET/SET.
  • Scope of Students Exchange Programme with other Universities such as SNDT University and Jhaverchand Meghani Lokshitya Kendra.
  • Regular and Continuous Evaluation of the learner.
  • More weightage on Internal Assessment through Tests, Assignments, Presentations, Symposia, Conferences, Seminars and Group Discussion.


Sr.No Compulsory Subjects
1 Communication Skills in English
  Any one of the following is compulsory
2 Foundation Course Paper - I
  Foreign Languages (French, German, Japanese)
  Any one of the following language is Compulsory
3 Sanskrit
Choose either Group I or Group II

Group I :Any Two Social Sciences and One Language

Students can select one subject from Group A, one from Group B and one subject from Group C.

Social Sciences Language (Ancillary)
4. Any one (A) 5. Any one (B) 6. Any one (C)
History Psychology English
Sociology Political Science Hindi
Economics Philosophy Marathi

Group II :Any Two Languages and One Social Science

Students can select one subject from Group D, one from Group E and one subject from Group F.

Language (Ancillary) Social Sciences
4. Any one (D) 5. Any one (E) 6. Any one (F)
English Hindi History
Marathi Sanskrit Sociology
Gujarati   Economics
    Political Science