The Placement Cell is a student-centric body which plays a key role in landing the Undergraduates and Post-graduates with their desired and suitable job or internship which proves to be fruitful in the career path. It does so by keeping in touch with reputed establishments & organisations around the country. The Placement Cell acts as a bridge between students and the companies.

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Seeing at the growth of our institution in the academic sector and our alumni students standing out excellently in their jobs, many reputed companies visit us. They also visit us through invitations. Not only placement drives, but the Placement Cell also organises workshops, guest lectures, mock interviews, etc. The Placement Cell has also started with it’s own information portal which informs the students about the upcoming job/internship opportunities.


  • Aim to create maximum job opportunities for the students by maintaining good connects with the hiring managers and firms.
  • Inculcating professionalism and ethics into the students which will help them to transform themselves and become industry ready.
  • Motivating students in choosing the right career path by offering them exposure to best soft skills and technical knowledge.


Teacher’s Committee:

Dr. Deelip Palsapure

Dr. Deelip Palsapure

Placement Cell Co-Ordinator

Dr. Sonali Deogirikar

Dr. Sonali Deogirikar

Teacher Co-Ordinator

Dr. Rahul Jagtap

Dr. Rahul Jagtap

Teacher Co-Ordinator

Placement Team:

Aditya P. Pradhan

Aditya P. Pradhan

Placement Cell Student Head

Siddhi Rane

Student Secretary

Career Buildout Programmes

  1. Personality Enhancement seminars.
  2. Resume Writing workshops.
  3. Mock Interview Sessions.
  4. Industry to Students connect sessions.
  5. Communication Skills building workshops.
  6. Abroad Education seminars.

Top-most companies:


Total students hired since the year 2016-2021:

*Please note that the placements were affected in the years 2019-2020 because of COVID-19.

The Placement Cell of K J Somaiya College of Arts & Commerce every year organises Annual Job Fest exclusively for the students of K J Somaiya Arts & Commerce. The Job Fest is an event of usually 1-2 days where many small/medium/big firms/business organisations come together and hire students as their potential work force as per their requirements. The Job Fest sees a very emotional as well as the smartest side of the students. The Job Fest 2021-22 recorded a footfall of about 280 students, and about 75 students were hired on the D-Day. The Placement Cell thrives to make it’s most important and mega event successful each passing year, and looks forward to providing the students, a career in their desired field.

Here are some glimpses of the 2021-22 Job Fest:


Dr. Deelip Palsapure, the Placement Cell Co-ordinator, addressing the crowd of the students & HRs, and sharing his experience of Job Fest throughout the years.


Students, or say, the future superstars, attending the Job Fest.


Mr. Sunny Sharma, Director of the Talent Acquisition team of Expertrons, giving the students a brief about the firm and what can they offer.


The HRs from various firms, listening to the pre-Job Fest engagement session which was briefed by Aditya Pradhan, the Placement Cell Student Head.