About Business Law Association

The Business Law Association is formed and inaugurated in the year 2022. The Business Law Association (BLA) is a student run organization at the K.J. Somaiya College of Arts and Commerce (Autonomous) that is dedicated to the students interested in practicing business Laws with like-minded Lawyers, Judges, Scholars. Association can achieves this through facilitating educational events, social events, and physical visits which provides students with an opportunity to learn more about business Laws, business and interconnectivity between two. Association also collaborates with other faculties to create value for its members and to help students to build a career in business Law. Association hosts various events throughout the year to engage students and help them to develop through knowledge in business Laws.


  • To acquire practical knowledge and resourceful knowledge essential for overall development of students and members.
  • To provide educational resources in the form of guest lectures, seminars, workshops and study visits to members and students interested in the field of business Laws.
  • To make better decisions related to business law.
  • To understand the application of business Laws in day-to-day life.

Committee Members

Mrs. Monika R. Sawant

Mrs. Monika R. Sawant

(Head, Department of Business Law)

Dr. Sandip D. Yadav

Dr. Sandip D. Yadav



Along with the committee members, Business Law Association consists of a group of students that make the team. This team is responsible for the smooth running of the events conducted by the association. Let’s have a look at the team of the Business Law Association-

  1. Public Relations Department
  2. Administration Department
  3. Fine Arts Department
  4. Literary Arts Department
  5. Event Management Department
  6. Hoisting Department
  7. Photography Department