Bachelor of Arts | B.A.

The Department of Sociology was established in the year 1972 and was consolidated by the efforts of eminent teaching faculties over the years. The prime motto of the department is ‘Nurturing Social Responsibility’ among students and thereby contributing to a critically aware citizenry. Teaching is learner-centric with appropriate and effective pedagogy being used to suit the needs and interests of students.


  • To provide a sociological understanding of human behavior and social reality
  • To understand sociological theories and its role in building knowledge
  • To enhance critical and analytical thinking skills

Social Health Education Committee

The Social Health Education Committee works under the auspices of the Department of Sociology and conducts following activities:

  • Competitionson issues related to the curriculum.
  • ‘Experiential Learning’through ‘live’ projects.
  • Regular workshops on gender sensitizationto provide students with opportunities to address gender-related concerns.
  • Field visitsto varied locations to reinforce experiential and contextual learning.
  • ‘Learning with Films’to persuade learners to apply sociological tools to interpret social reality.

Eminent Alumni


First Year (Semester- I & II)

Introduces students to the basic concepts of sociology and familiarizes the learner to the nature of sociological investigation.

Second Year (Semester- III)

-Provides students with an understanding of the research traditions in Indian Sociology and introduces the learner to important debates within contemporary sociological literature.

Introduces students to the concept of Human Development Index and assists students in analyzing social dimensions of demographic issues with specific reference to health, education, sanitation, etc.

Second Year (Semester- IV)

Familiarizes students with the concept of development and its theorization and introduces the learner to a critical understanding of the process of development with reference to contemporary issues.

-Introduces students to the current challenges in Indian society and enables them to understand various dimensions of urban and rural issues.

Third Year (Semester- V)

-Provides students of sociology with the understanding of classical and contemporary sociological theories.

-Introduces students to the area of industrial sociology and provides a sociological understanding of the changes in the area of work.

-Traces the evolution of gender as a category of social analysis and sensitizes students to gender issues.

Introduces students to the basic concepts and theories related to environment and assesses environmental trends and patterns and their impact on society.

-Creates awareness of the issues involved in the development of human resources with particular emphasis on social and cultural factors.

-Acquaints students with important concepts, techniques and processes in quantitative research enabling students to work on meaningful projects.

Third Year (Semester- VI)

Trains students in the application of anthropological theories to social situations.

-Introduces students to the growing sector of informal workers and its impact on the Indian economy.

Provides insights into the emerging issues in Indian Women’s Movement and methods of protest and resistance.

Introduces students to the challenges to ecological balance in rural and urban India as well as the movements against environmental degradation.

-Familiarizes students with the dynamics of organizations and challenges faced by organizations in a global context.

Provides students with concepts, techniques and processes in qualitative research and assists the learner to undertake minor research projects.