Master of Arts

English | M.A. English

Master of Arts in English, a post-graduate degree program is of two years and divided over the four semesters. The main focus of this program is to provide comprehensive knowledge and train the learner to research. Thus, this level of degree is necessary to begin work towards earning a Master in Philosophy (M. Phil.) and ultimately Doctor in Philosophy (Ph. D.).

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Key Information


  • To enable the learner to carry out the independent scholarship that will help them to inform research, teaching, and services in English departments.
  • To enrich the learner to acquire general knowledge of a range of theories, methods, research protocols, and scholarly practices that is necessary for strong research, teaching, and service in English departments.
  • To provide specialized knowledge, methods, and scholarship to demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of the literature.
  • To synthesise critical thinking to learn a number of strategies for analysing and study of literature.
  • To foster research methods to learn how to design and carry out original and persuasive research in English literature.


The Master of Arts in English courses is blend in-classroom teaching, assignments, presentations, research paper publications and dissertations. Each course consists of 4 lectures per week on campus during the working days. The coordinator of the program will determine the on-campus class schedule in advance so that you will be able to plan accordingly. Teaching and learning takes place in constructive framework wherein department organises guest lectures, workshops, seminars, group discussions, field trips, etc. Dramas are enacted, poetry is read and the budding authors find their creation with campus newsletter: voices. Curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular are designed to be the part of the entire programs. Besides, add on, additional, certificate, diploma and bridge courses are also offered to enrich the learning experience. Special workshops on preparation of NET/SET are regular features of this program. A dissertation and publication of research paper will be an essential component of the program.


  • Well qualified and experienced teaching faculty.
  • Program is aimed at to enhance the comprehensive knowledge of literature along with employability skills.
  • Organising seminar and workshop based on syllabus and literature.
  • A practical approach to teach the literature is offered through field trips, guest lectures, and workshop in guiding the learner for the competitive examination like UPSC, MPSC, and UGC-JRF-NET/SET.
  • Students Exchange Programme with other Universities such as St. Martin University, USA. Attendance is must.
  • Continuous and comprehensive evaluation of the learner throughout the year is regular feature of the program through Tests, Assignments, Presentations, Symposia, Conferences, Seminars and Group Discussions.