National Education Policy 2020

From the Desk of Principal

Being an important Autonomous Institute, KJSAC has started the ‘NEP 2020’ implementation from A.Y. 2023-24 as it was ordered by the Government of Maharashtra circulars dated 20th April 2023 & 16th May 2023. We have successfully implemented all the suggestions from NEP 2020 and succeeded in engaging at all levels. The very crux of the NEP is to develop and promote the stakeholders to the most so as to make them the universal citizens

Prof. (Dr.) Kishan H. Pawar


Dr Atish Taukari

Nodal Officer

NEP 2020 Implementation at the College

K.J. Somaiya College of Arts and Commerce (Autonomous) strives for the overall development of the students from the time they enrol until they graduate. We work to produce graduating students from our institute who can demonstrate comprehensive understanding of their discipline, practical & professional knowledge related to their discipline and skills in the areas of their specialization by implementing the key components of National Education Policy 2020, popularly known as NEP 2020.

In addition, we give them the chance to learn beyond the confines of a particular subject and to acquire the skillsin problem-solving, critical thinking, analytical thinking, reasoning, creativity, and communication that are essential in the twenty-first century. Course on Indian Knowledge System is a novel feature that comprises contributions of Indian knowledge to the globe. We also promote research-related abilities and skills through projects and field studies.

Program offered

Three years Bachelors Degree program offered as follows:

BA in English/ Economics/ Gujarati/ History/ Hindi/ Political science/ Marathi/ Philosophy/ Psychology/ Sanskrit/ Sociology.

Four years Bachelors Degree- Honors program offered as follows:

BA in English/ Economics/ Gujarati/ History/ Hindi/ Political science/ Marathi/ Philosophy/ Psychology/ Sanskrit/ Sociology.

Three year Bachelors Degree program in B.Com in Commerce

Four year Bachelors’ Degree- Honors program in B.Com in Commerce & Accounts.


1. Major/Core Subject :

It provides in-depth study of particular subject or discipline. It comprises following types of courses:

  • Mandatory Courses: The courses students must learn in the discipline they have chosen as they are fundamental & essential to a particular discipline.
  • Indian Knowledge System (IKS) Courses: It's a novel feature of curriculum where students will be introduced to Indian knowledge system and its contribution to the world in general or specific to Major subject.
  • Elective Courses: These courses are part of core courses where students can choose between courses at third year and they generally introduce students to various specialization or recent developments in the field.
  • (a) Vocational Skill Courses: It provides hands-on training related to the Major (Sem. I, II, III & V).

    (b) Internships: It provides opportunity to gain practical experience in the field related to Major (3rd & 4th Year).

    (c) Field Projects: It provides opportunity to integrate theory & practice by working on real-world issues related to the Major.

2. Minor Subject :

These courses are from different disciplines ( i.e. Other than the Major) or of different kinds.

3. Open Elective Courses:

These courses will be from different faculty that is students in B.A. program will choose courses from Commerce and students in B. Com program will choose courses from Arts (1st & 2nd Year). These courses give exposure to the basics of subjects other than the faculty of major and help students to customize their passion & develop broader view.

4. Skill Enhancement Courses:

These courses give practical training to improve skills relevant to employability (Sem. I, II, & IV).

5. Ability Enhancement Courses:

These courses help students’ enhance their skills in communication & language. Courses offered are English (Sem I & II) and Modern Indian Languages-Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi (Sem III & IV).

6. Value Education Courses:

These courses (e.g. Environment Science & Eco-citizenship, etc.) provide processes to develop overall personality, right attitude, etc. (1 Year).

Undergraduate Programme

Curriculum framework Bachelor of Commerce SEM 1

Curriculum framework Bachelor of Commerce SEM 2

Postgraduate Programme

Curriculum framework Master of Commerce SEM 1

Curriculum framework Master of Commerce SEM 2

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Dr Atish Taukari (NEP Nodal Officer)

Dean (Extension & Research) , K J Somaiya college of Arts and Commerce