The Association for Environmental Awareness (AEA) was started in the year 2000 by Late Prof. Shubha Verma (Former HOD & faculty). The objectives of the association are to create awareness about various Environmental Issues of Local, National and International importance. And to create a sense of responsibility towards making environment sustainable and widening the scope of learning. Also, to explore new avenues of job opportunities in the field of Environment.


  1. To create an environmental awareness among commerce students.
  2. Make aware students about various environmental factors and its relation to the field of Commerce.
  3. To highlight functional and spatial links between environment, economy and society.
  4. To create an insight into various environmental issues at various levels and environmental movements towards making the environment sustainable.
  5. To make students aware about practical application of the subject in the corporate world.


Teachers Committee:


Shri Sandeep Kulkarni

Head, Department of Environmental Studies


Ms. Mamata Tendulkar

Faculty, Department of Environmental Studies