Master of Arts

Marathi | M.A. Marathi

Spread across two years and four semesters, MA in Marathi has commenced from the academic year 2019-2020. M.A. in Marathi is an integrated two year postgraduate programme in Marathi Language and literature with focus on critical thinking and contextual analysis.

It aims to provide students with a broad knowledge of the field of Marathi, including understanding and realizing importance of Marathi Language in day to day life, in our social environment as well as in terms of career avenues. Additional important language skills include translation and creative writing. The programme also emphasizes the ability to write well, to do solid and innovative assignments in a specialized field or fields, to learn effectively, and to make articulate presentations in the classroom and beyond.

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Key Information

Programme Outcomes

Courses in this program will help students-

  • To raise critical thinking.
  • To develop Linguistic competence through studies in Linguistics.
  • To develop Literary competence through studies in Literature.
  • To develop contextual analysis.


Along with regular lectures, participatory approach is encouraged with activities, such as- question-answer sessions, group discussions, group assignments, group or individual assignments, class tests, oral exams, presentations, performances etc.


First year (Semester I)

19th century Maharashtra was vibrant with social reformation movements. This has a great impact on Marathi Literature, from its genre to its content. This paper explores the interrelations between socio-cultural environment and literature in its historical context.

This paper is all about theoretical framework of literature, which deals with the various aspects, such as- definitions and complexity emerging out from the concept of literature, different approaches to literature, literature and other art forms, various literary isms.

This paper gives thorough introduction to Linguistics- the scientific study of language, especially, its two prominent branches- one: Historical Linguistics and another: Descriptive Linguistics

This paper explores modernity in Marathi literature within the timeframe of 1960 to 1990s, in context of 1 novel, 2 short stories and 5 poems.

First Year (Semester II)

This paper attempts to understand the historical context and impact of Gandhism, Socialism, Communism, Marxism, Dalit Movement inspired by the works and actions of Phule and Ambedkar, Second World War and Samyukta Maharashtra Movement on Marathi Literature during the period of 1920s to 1960s.

Understanding the concept and aims of Literary Criticism, exploring types of criticism, ranging from Archetypal criticism, Formalist tradition, Psychological criticism, Sociological criticism, Stylistics, Marxist literary criticism… And analysing one play, one short story and four poems in these frameworks is what the paper is all about.

This paper deals with the sociolinguistics- a sociological study of language, in special reference to dialects, gender, age group, social systems, such as- family, culture, caste and economic systems.

Dominance of Globalization in Marathi literature is dealt in this paper through one play, two short stories and 5 poems.

Second Year (Semester- III)

Rise of Dalit movement and Feminist movement has a great impact on Marathi Literature. Along with understanding its theoretical framework, this paper analyses two pieces of literature, originated from this movement.

Marathi prose literature was developed with the rise of British era and had an ideological impact on it which clearly is reflected in social reformist thoughts. This paper attempts to study 6 of such essays.

This paper consist of following topics- Understanding media and its impact on society, difference between traditional and modern media, exploring traditional media and modern print media in special reference to its language with handful of examples.

This paper is all about- Understanding genre of poetry, its relation with other forms of literature, features of poetry along with various examples.

Second Year (Semester- IV)

Rural and Metropolitan cities in Maharashtra are two different worlds. Hence, the literature originated from these contexts are tend to be different. This paper deals with rural and metropolitan Marathi literature with special reference to two plays.

Six representative thought provoking prose essays of 20th century Marathi literature, give a glimpse of prose writings, its style and content and journey in of essay writing in Marathi in general.

On the background of paper no. XI, This paper consist of further topics in modern media- such as radio, television, films, internet and different social media in special reference to its language with handful of examples.

In continuation of paper no. XII, this paper further explores Marathi poetry in its historical context, isms that dominated in poetry and types of poems along with handful of examples.


  • Skill and Career oriented approach.
  • Social relevance.
  • Collaborative activities with literary bodies and media institutes.
  • Broader exposure to students through various programmes under Marathi Department, such as Guest lectures, seminars, workshops, publication of Aashay magazine, book exhibitions, poster exhibition, visiting and interviewing professionals, visit to libraries and/or book shops, visit to media houses, screening films etc.
  • Various programmes are conducted for overall development of the student, under the forum-Marathi Prabodhan. Programmes include- cultural programmes under inaugural function involving approximately 70 students exhibiting their skills and potential, 10 collegiate and 3 intercollegiate competitions, encouraging students to participate in various programmes in and beyond college forums, Tilgul Samarabh to connect and collaborate with others, organising Marathi Bhasha Diwas at a grand level, organising programmes in collaboration of NGOs to enhance the language skills and socio-cultural awareness of students.